TSV Dalherda Secures Promotion to A-Liga Fulda/Rhön in Relegation Battle

Ehrenberg (pm/pf) – The dream of promotion to the Fußball A-Liga Fulda/Rhön became a reality for TSV Dalherda on Saturday as they defeated SG Ehrenberg II with a 3-2 victory in the relegation playoff. Following their 4-1 win in the first leg, TSV Dalherda sealed their success with another impressive performance.

Despite Ehrenberg II’s efforts, the three-goal deficit from the previous match proved insurmountable as they now face relegation to the Rhöner B-Liga. In contrast, TSV Dalherda’s celebration was well-deserved, with Maxim leading the team to victory with crucial goals throughout the game.

Maxim’s goal in stoppage time of the first half gave TSV Dalherda the lead, and despite a brief equalizer from Ehrenberg, he once again put his team ahead with a spectacular goal from a tight angle. The match was tense throughout the first half, with Dalherda finally breaking the deadlock late in stoppage time.

The second half saw an own goal from Dalherda’s Luis Del Rio, leveling the score temporarily before Maxim and Vadim Ficht secured the lead with two more goals. Despite a late goal from Toni Leimbach for SGE, the result was clear – TSV Dalherda was on their way to the A-Liga.

Ehrenberg II: Meyer; Gürtler, M. Zentgraf, Handwerk, Schorstein, Diawara, P. Schmitt, J. Zentgraf, Büttner, Ullrich, L. Keidel (Henkel, Mousavi, Leimbach).
Dalherda: Herber; Neumann, T. Kolbe, M. Ficht, V. Ficht, R. Kolbe, Hess, Banik, Schnabel, Del Rio, Klüh (Röhrig, Stumpf, Quell).
Referee: Simon Wawra (Dietershausen)
Goals: 0:1 Maxim Ficht (45.+3), 1:1 Luis del Rio (47, Own Goal), 1:2 Maxim Ficht (61), 1:3 Vadim Ficht (77), 2:3 Toni Leimbach (85)
Attendance: 400