In the latest episode of The Boys, Hughie had to make a tough decision. The show had a lot of humor, including deadly farm animals and jabs at the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But one scene left many viewers speechless.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

The sad truth behind Hughie Senior’s superpower
Hughie’s father, played by Simon Pegg, wakes up after his wife injects him with Compound V – and turns the hospital into a bloody battlefield. The scene where his son Hughie, played by Jack Quaid, has to put him out of his misery is one of the series‘ most tragic moments. Showrunner Eric Kripke explained the symbolism behind the deadly superpower, giving the scene even deeper meaning.

Eric Kripke revealed that Hughie Senior’s superpower was not chosen randomly. His ability to dematerialize and walk through walls is a direct metaphor for his perceived invisibility in his relationship with his wife, Daphne, portrayed by Rosemarie DeWitt.

In the series, the father tells her: „You looked at me like I was invisible.“ This feeling of not being seen manifests in his superpower. This connection between a character’s psyche and their powers provides deep, albeit often dark insights into the characters. Genetics also play a role in the inheritance of superpowers.

For example, Hughie’s teleportation ability and his father’s power are a result of their genetic predisposition. Similar to Homelander and his son Ryan, who have the same powers. There are also cases like Victoria Neuman and her daughter Zoe. While Neuman can make her enemies‘ heads explode with her mind, her daughter can shoot dangerous tentacles from her mouth.

The Boys delves into the complexities of superpowers and how they are intertwined with the characters‘ emotions and genetics. This adds layers of depth to the show and offers a unique perspective on the world of superheroes. Stay tuned for more revelations and surprises in future episodes of The Boys.