Peugeot is shifting its focus towards enhancing electric vehicles and has no plans to introduce new PSE models in the near future. In 2020, the French automaker introduced an upgraded version of the plug-in hybrid variant of the mid-size 508 series, known as the 508 PSE, which was promoted as the most powerful production car of the brand at that time. However, contrary to expectations, the PSE label will not adorn any additional hybrid or fully electric models for now.

According to Peugeot CEO Linda Jackson, the company has decided not to expand its PSE range beyond the 508 and instead concentrate on complete electrification. The sporty sub-brand, Peugeot Sport Engineered, is currently in this state, as per Autocar. Although there were discussions about expanding the PSE lineup, priorities shifted towards overall electrification. The parent company, Stellantis, is investing billions in electromobility, with Peugeot being a part of it. By the end of the year, the brand will have a portfolio where every model will be available as an electric vehicle, which is the main focus.

While Jackson did not rule out the possibility of a high-performance vehicle based on one of Stellantis group’s modular electric vehicle platforms, there are currently no plans for it. She mentioned, „Who knows? It’s not certain. I won’t say that we will introduce something to the market tomorrow, so don’t get your hopes up.“ Peugeot aims to become the leading electric vehicle brand in Europe by 2030. Jackson stated earlier this year that this goal and ambitious vision pave the way for a radical transformation of the brand.

Recently, she mentioned that Peugeot intends to differentiate itself from competitors with a unique design in the era of electric cars, ruling out any retro influences. Under Jackson’s leadership, the traditional French automaker will not succumb to „uniformity.“