Christina Hänni and her husband Luca Hänni recently welcomed their new baby daughter into the world. While they have been keeping details about their daughter private, Christina recently shared an important detail about her name on her Instagram story.

In a video, Christina revealed the meaning behind her daughter’s name, giving fans a glimpse into the thought and significance behind their choice. The couple, who have been sharing their parenting journey on their podcast „Don’t worry be Hänni,“ have been experiencing the ups and downs of new parenthood with their little one.

Fans and followers of the couple have been eagerly awaiting news about their daughter, and Christina’s revelation about her name has sparked excitement and curiosity among their supporters. The couple’s journey into parenthood has been a source of joy for them, despite the challenges that come with caring for a newborn.

While the couple continues to keep many details about their daughter private, Christina’s decision to share the meaning behind her name has given fans a deeper insight into their family life. As they navigate the world of parenting together, Luca and Christina have been open about their experiences and are grateful for the love and support they have received from their fans.

As they continue on their journey as new parents, Luca and Christina are sure to share more updates and moments from their family life with their followers. The meaning behind their daughter’s name is just one of the many special details that make their parenting journey unique and meaningful.