Lufthansa Introduces Airbus A350 Flights Between Munich and Hamburg in June

In a surprising move, Lufthansa will be operating Airbus A350 flights within Germany during the month of June. Passengers will have the opportunity to experience the A350-900 aircraft on the Munich – Hamburg route on five specific days.

Despite the excitement surrounding the new Allegris cabin, passengers will find the classic Business Class seating arrangement in a 2-2-2 configuration. Premium Economy seats are currently unavailable for selection. Given the short flight duration, it may not be worth booking a ticket solely for this experience. However, Economy tickets start at 107€ for those interested.

It’s important to note that last-minute changes to the aircraft type may occur, and a seat on the A350 is not guaranteed.

Flight Schedule and Cabin Configuration

There will be a total of five rotations between Munich and Hamburg utilizing the A350 aircraft. These flights are partially aligned with the schedule of the UEFA European Football Championship in Germany:

– LH2080 Munich MUC – Hamburg HAM:
– June 7, 2024: 07:40 – 08:55
– June 12, 2024: 07:30 – 08:45
– June 13, 2024: 07:15 – 08:30
– June 14, 2024: 07:40 – 08:55
– June 23, 2024: 07:30 – 08:45

– LH2081 Hamburg HAM – Munich MUC:
– June 7, 2024: 09:55 – 11:10
– June 12, 2024: 09:45 – 11:00
– June 13, 2024: 09:45 – 11:00
– June 14, 2024: 09:55 – 11:10
– June 23, 2024: 09:45 – 11:00

The A350 aircraft being utilized features the older Business Class configuration in a 2-2-2 layout, along with three rows of Premium Economy. Economy seating begins from row 16 onwards.

Booking Information and Recommendations

While the one-hour flight may not justify a special booking, Economy tickets starting at 107€ are available for those interested. For travelers planning a European trip, incorporating an A350 flight into the itinerary could be a unique experience. Additionally, considering a trip on the brand new Boeing 787 from Austrian Airlines to Milan for 183€ may add to the adventure.

Booking a Business Class ticket for the Hamburg – Munich route may not be the most cost-effective option. However, Lufthansa often offers affordable Business Class upgrades post booking an Economy ticket.

Source: AeroRoutes via Meilenoptimieren
Image Credit: © Lufthansa