Ole Werner and Clemens Fritz from SV Werder Bremen have talked about Euro 2024 and shared their predictions. Both believe in Germany and think that the German national team can achieve a lot. The excitement for the tournament is palpable everywhere in Germany. Clemens Fritz, the head of professional football and future sports director of SV Werder Bremen, is looking forward to the special Euro and hopes for a new summer fairytale similar to the one from the 2006 World Cup.

Despite the German national team not meeting fan expectations in recent years, the skepticism has faded, and hope has grown that the DFB-Elf can go far in the tournament. Fritz expresses his confidence in the team and wishes them luck. On the other hand, Ole Werner is bursting with enthusiasm and confidently predicts Germany as the European champions. He believes that the home advantage will be significant, especially in a football-loving country like Germany.

Werner points out that several German clubs with many national players have performed well in international competitions this season, showing the potential of German talent. He emphasizes the importance of teamwork over individual talent, highlighting the need for a cohesive group that functions well together. Werner praises the national team for performing as a united team in recent matches, which he believes will be crucial for their success in the tournament.

The coach acknowledges the challenges of the short preparation time, facing different opponents in the group stage, and the demanding game schedule. However, he is confident that the team has a clear strategy that suits the players‘ strengths. Werner emphasizes the role of luck in football but believes that hard work and preparation can influence the outcome positively.

In conclusion, both Werner and Fritz are optimistic about Germany’s prospects at Euro 2024. They believe that a combination of talent, teamwork, preparation, and a bit of luck can lead the national team to a successful tournament. The excitement and anticipation for the Euro are high in Germany, with fans hoping for another memorable summer fairytale similar to past tournaments. As the competition kicks off, all eyes will be on the German team as they aim to make their mark on the European stage once again.