At the Moto3 race in Germany at the Sachsenring, an exciting battle unfolded. The dominant winner was David Alonso. Polesitter Collin Veijer crashed early in the race.

During the qualifying for the Moto3 race at the Sachsenring, Collin Veijer emerged as the clear winner, securing the first position on the grid and leaving the first pursuer, David Alonso, 0.336 seconds behind. Veijer had such a significant lead over the second-place rider as the second-place had over Tatsuki Suzuki, who started in 9th place. Four riders started the race with Long-Lap Penalties, five had two penalties each, and four riders started from the pit lane, allowing Swiss rider Noah Dettwiller to move up to 22nd place. Luca Lunetta from the leading group received two round penalties. Veijer won the start, while Munoz and Lunetta touched without consequences in the first corners. Shortly after, Lunetta dropped to 5th place before serving any of his penalties. In the second lap, the first shock occurred as the leader Veijer slid out in turn 11, continuing the race at the back of the pack. Munoz led Alonso and Furusato, who started from 8th, before Alonso took the lead. A lively battle ensued with several changes in position until Munoz, after a mistake, forced Furusato off track, miraculously staying on his bike and continuing in 8th place. Alonso managed to pull away at the front but then lost the lead, while Piqueras dropped from 4th to 8th due to a mistake in the final corner. More position changes followed, with the top group of twelve riders remaining close together. Furusato worked his way back towards the front. David Alonso and Adrian Fernandez set the pace. At the halfway point of the race, Alonso led Furusako, Rueda, Munoz, and Fernandez. A few moves later, Alonso was ahead of Furusato, with several lead changes between them. Noah Dettwiller crashed in the round after a high-side.

The battle at the front continued with several overtaking maneuvers. Small mistakes by almost all top riders allowed their opponents to attack. The lead changed multiple times between Alonso and Furusato. The top seven riders had pulled away from the rest of the field five laps before the end, with Rueda moving up to 2nd place. However, he could not hold onto it, crashing out two laps before the end after a major braking error in turn 1. This left Alonso ahead of Furusato going into the final lap. After a mistake by the Japanese rider, he could not pressure Alonso until the checkered flag. David Alonso crossed the finish line first, ahead of Taiyo Furusato and Ivan Ortola.

In the Moto3 Sachsenring race results (July 7th):
1. David Alonso (CO), CFMOTO, 23 laps in 33:02.956 min
2. Taiyo Furusato (J), Honda, +0.187 sec
3. Ivan Ortola (E), KTM, +0.339
4. Adrian Fernandez (E), Honda, +2.363
5. Angel Piqueras (E), Honda, +2.438
6. Ryusei Yamanaka (J), KTM, +3.786
7. Daniel Holgado (E), GASGAS, +3.869
8. David Muñoz (E), KTM, +5.461
9. Tatsuki Suzuki (J), Husqvarna, +5.685
10. Scott Ogden (GB), Honda, +5.817

The Moto3 World Championship standings after 9 out of 21 races:
1. Alonso, 168 points
2. Ortola, 121
3. Holgado, 120
4. Veijer, 115
5. Munoz, 94
6. Yamanaka, 72
7. Fernández, 67
8. Piqueras, 60
9. Rueda, 58
10. Kelso, 55

The Constructors‘ Championship standings:
1. CFMOTO, 179 points
2. KTM, 154
3. Husqvarna, 132
4. GASGAS, 125
5. Honda, 110

These results and standings show the intense competition and drama that unfolded at the Sachsenring Moto3 race, with David Alonso emerging as the victor in a thrilling and eventful race.