Published July 7, 2024, 18:45

A happy ending in Appenzell as a dog named Ayla survives a fall down a slope thanks to a rescue mission. During a hike in Alpstein, Ayla fell and was only seen motionless by her owner. Then, he was also reported missing.

Last Friday, a 61-year-old man from Germany was hiking with his dog, Ayla, from Säntis down to Schwägalp in the canton of Appenzell Innerrhoden. In the area known as „Nasenlöcher,“ Ayla briefly played on a snowfield, slipped, and fell into the depths.

Using binoculars, the owner spotted his dog motionless in the steep terrain below. Despite waiting and calling out to Ayla, there was no response. Distraught and thinking that Ayla had not survived the fall, the man continued his descent and journey home.

Rega searched for Ayla’s owner

On Saturday morning, the Appenzell I.Rh. cantonal police received a report of a dog in the Alpstein, near Nasenlöcher, in rough terrain. The owner was nowhere to be found. Specialists from the Alpine Rescue Switzerland and Rega were called in to rescue the dog. Ayla was handed over to the cantonal police and then to a veterinarian.

As it was believed that the owner had also fallen in rough terrain, Rega conducted a search flight. Through intensive investigations and the dog’s chip number, the owner was eventually located through the TASSO pet register. The 61-year-old man from the Baden-Württemberg region was reunited with Ayla the next day, overjoyed to have her back in his arms.

The Alpine Rescue Switzerland, Rega, staff from the pet registry of the Federal Republic, and the Appenzell I.Rh. cantonal police were all involved in the rescue mission.

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