The German military has awarded Airbus a major contract to build two telecommunication satellites. The contract is valued at 2.1 billion euros and includes the satellites and the corresponding ground stations, the aviation and defense company announced in Munich.

The CEO of Airbus Defence and Space, Michael Schöllhorn, expressed his excitement and gratitude for being able to develop and build this groundbreaking system. Ralph Herzog from the procurement office explained that with the communication satellites, the Bundeswehr is now equipped with state-of-the-art technology. The system will provide the German military with an independent and robust satellite communication system.

This new satellite communication system will enhance the Bundeswehr’s capabilities and ensure reliable communication in critical situations. The satellites will play a crucial role in enabling secure and efficient communication for military operations, both domestically and internationally.

In addition to improving communication, these satellites will also enhance the German military’s surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities. By having access to advanced satellite technology, the Bundeswehr will be able to gather real-time intelligence, monitor potential threats, and ensure the safety and security of its personnel.

Furthermore, investing in satellite technology demonstrates Germany’s commitment to modernizing its defense capabilities and staying ahead in the ever-evolving field of military technology. By partnering with Airbus, the German military is leveraging the expertise and innovation of a leading aerospace company to develop cutting-edge solutions for its communication needs.

Overall, the procurement of these satellites marks a significant milestone for the German military and highlights the importance of investing in advanced technology to strengthen national defense. As threats continue to evolve in the modern world, having a reliable and secure satellite communication system is crucial for ensuring the effectiveness and efficiency of military operations. The Bundeswehr’s acquisition of these satellites from Airbus underscores its dedication to maintaining a strong and capable defense force in an increasingly complex security environment.