Title: 5 Former GNTM Contestants Who Have Embraced Body Positivity and Happiness

In the past, the modeling industry has been known for promoting a certain body type as the ideal standard of beauty. However, times are changing, and the Body Positivity movement has made its way to shows like „Germany’s Next Top Model.“ Contestants are no longer required to fit into a specific mold to participate, and many former contestants have embraced this change wholeheartedly.

After their time on the show, some contestants realized that restricting themselves to maintain a certain weight was not bringing them happiness. They have chosen to prioritize their well-being and self-acceptance over conforming to societal beauty standards. Here are 5 former GNTM contestants who have gained weight but have found true happiness in embracing their new bodies:

1. Sarah: Sarah, a former GNTM contestant, decided to focus on her mental and physical health after the show. She gained weight, but she feels more confident and comfortable in her skin now than ever before.

2. Mia: Mia struggled with body image issues during her time on GNTM. Since leaving the show, she has learned to love and accept herself, regardless of her size. Mia now advocates for body positivity and self-love.

3. Lisa: Lisa was constantly under pressure to maintain a certain weight while on GNTM. After the show, she decided to prioritize her happiness and well-being. Lisa’s decision to embrace her natural body shape has brought her a newfound sense of confidence and joy.

4. Emma: Emma faced criticism for her weight during her time on GNTM. Instead of succumbing to the pressure to be thin, she chose to focus on her inner beauty and self-worth. Emma’s journey to self-acceptance has inspired many others to embrace their bodies.

5. Lena: Lena was always conscious of her weight while competing on GNTM. However, she realized that true beauty comes from within and decided to prioritize her mental health and happiness. Lena now feels empowered and proud of her body, regardless of what others may think.

These 5 former GNTM contestants have shown that gaining weight does not equate to losing happiness. By embracing body positivity and self-acceptance, they have found a new sense of confidence and joy. Their stories serve as a reminder that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and true happiness is found in loving oneself unconditionally.