Fußball Brandenburgliga: Frankfurt secures victory against Ahrensfelde – Bernau puts pressure on Babelsberg in the relegation zone

The Brandenburgliga continues to be one of the highest-scoring leagues in the DFB. On matchday 33, there were 31 goals scored – with nine of them coming in the top game in Frankfurt. Ahrensfelde missed out on a goal with their defeat.

Despite the goal-scoring machine from Lübben not performing well against Neuruppin, a flood of goals on the other pitches of the Brandenburgliga teams on matchday 33 led to intense celebrations. The 5-4 victory for 1. FC Frankfurt marks the second loss of the season for the already crowned champions, SV Grün-We…

The match saw 1. FC Frankfurt achieve what no other team in the Brandenburgliga, apart from Einheit Bernau, had managed to do – snatch three points from Ahrensfelde. The victory came after a hard-fought battle on the field between Marcel Georgi and Moritz Schöps.

In conclusion, the intense matchday 33 in the Brandenburgliga showcased the competitive spirit and goal-scoring prowess of the teams. The victory for Frankfurt and the pressure applied by Bernau on Babelsberg in the relegation zone set the stage for an exciting end to the season in the league.