When guests vacation in the North, they often do specific activities like a mudflat walk and then enjoy a delicious crab sandwich. For one woman, this pleasure tastes best in Cuxhaven on the North Sea. She shared this experience on social media and posted a picture of her fresh crab sandwich on the coast. But one thing caught the attention of many North Sea lovers immediately and even made some almost lose faith.

A traditional North German crab sandwich consists of a few ingredients: a bun, butter, North Sea crabs, and some lettuce. An absolute no-go is to put sauce on it, as the butter serves as the base and fixes the North Sea crabs on the bun. But what the woman showed in the picture was a gruesome sight for many: she proudly presented her crab sandwiches with a lot of sauce over the North Sea crabs – as if it were a kebab.

Instead of joy, the North Sea vacationer’s post sparked anger in the comments. For many, it is clear – the sauce ruined everything! That can no longer be called a crab sandwich.

But there are also other opinions. „The real no-go is that some others want to dictate what they should like and what not,“ says one comment. After all, garlic dip on the crab sandwich might taste good and some have been eating it with sauce for years.

In the end, it’s a matter of taste, and everyone should accept that there are indeed many different tastes. This especially applies to hardcore North Sea fans.

In addition to this incident, it’s important to note that the North Sea region offers a variety of culinary delights beyond crab sandwiches. From fresh seafood to traditional German dishes, visitors can explore a wide range of options to satisfy their taste buds. Exploring local cuisine can be a great way to immerse oneself in the culture of the North Sea region and create memorable experiences during a vacation.

Furthermore, the controversy surrounding the use of sauce on crab sandwiches highlights the importance of respecting individual preferences and culinary traditions. While some may prefer to stick to the traditional recipe, others may enjoy experimenting with different flavors and condiments. Ultimately, food is a personal choice, and diversity in preferences should be celebrated rather than criticized. Next time you visit the North Sea, don’t hesitate to try new dishes and embrace the culinary diversity the region has to offer.