In October 2024, the screen adaptation of the fantasy hit „Woodwalkers“ will premiere in German cinemas. A long trailer has finally been released, giving us a deep insight into the mysterious world of shape-shifters.

„Woodwalkers“ is a fantastic and highly successful young adult series from Germany. It revolves around shape-shifters – beings that can switch between an animal and human form. By 2023, the books in the fantasy series created by Katja Brandis had sold over 2.4 million copies – and with the release of the screen adaptation, even more copies are expected to be sold. Originally scheduled for an early 2025 release, the premiere of „Woodwalkers“ has been moved up to October 24, 2024, much to the delight of fans. Viewers can look forward to following Carag (played by Emile Chérif) and his friends on their adventures.

Following the release of a teaser in February 2024, the long trailer has now been unveiled, taking us into the imaginative world of shape-shifters and giving us a first look at the feared antagonist, Andrew Milling (played by Oliver Masucci). Additionally, the release dates for „Woodwalkers 2 & 3“ have already been set: the sequel is scheduled to hit theaters on October 23, 2025, while the conclusion of the trilogy will be released on October 1, 2026.

Similar to „Harry Potter,“ „Woodwalkers“ features elements of a magical world shielded from human eyes and an extraordinary school where aspiring shape-shifters learn to control their abilities. The protagonist, Carag, like Harry Potter, lives with a foster family while a villainous antagonist seeks to wage war against humans. Despite these similarities, the world of „Woodwalkers“ is unique and continues to expand.

In the film, viewers follow the Puma-shifter Carag, who grows up with a human foster family. When his secret powers are discovered, he receives an invitation to attend Clearwater High, a school where he discovers that he is not alone in his abilities. There are others who can transform into cats, squirrels, buffalo, otters, and even spiders. Carag soon becomes the target of the wealthy and influential Andrew Milling, who is also revealed to be a Puma-shifter. What are the intentions of this dubious businessman towards Carag?

Apart from Emile Chérif and „Dark“ star Oliver Masucci, the film also features Hannah Herzsprung and Martina Gedeck. In addition to the trailer, a teaser has been released, providing viewers with a glimpse of the magical world of „Woodwalkers.“