Which is the hardest game of all time? When this question arises, many gaming fans surely think of several names. Indeed, some titles have built a reputation in recent years for being as challenging and sometimes even very frustrating as possible. But which game takes it to the extreme? The answer may surprise many, as it is not what many may initially think.

Gaming fans have very different preferences. Some of them want to spend peaceful hours in front of the screen and choose idyllic games like Stardew Valley or The Sims 4. There is no rush there; it’s more about relaxed gaming. There are also action lovers who can’t get enough adrenaline. They prefer action-packed games like Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 or the quirky Borderlands. However, some find these games too easy and seek the ultimate challenge.

For those who enjoy pushing themselves to the brink of frustration and find pleasure in failing, there are also options. Ruthless roguelike games or the equally tough Soulslike titles are highly popular among this type of gamers. When it comes to the hardest game of all time, there is now a surprising answer.

Many fans may immediately think of Elden Ring when asked this question. Notably, the challenging DLC Shadows of the Erdtree has raised the bar even further. However, according to an interesting report from the site, the action role-playing game from FromSoftware is surprisingly not at the top of the list.

After analyzing the search queries of desperate players seeking help for a particular title, the role-playing game Baldur’s Gate 3 is at the top (at least in the US). With an average of nearly 26,000 queries of this kind per month, it clearly stands out from the competition. The second-placed Elden Ring has just over 22,000 searches, followed by the role-playing game Starfield with almost 12,000 search queries.

While the question arises whether such statistics reflect the actual difficulty level of a game, the ranking is still interesting. We have summarized the top 10 for you:
• Baldur’s Gate 3 – 25,971 search queries
• Elden Ring – 22,683 search queries
• Starfield – 11,792 search queries
• Hogwarts Legacy – 9,958 search queries
• Persona 3 Reload – 9,827 search queries
• Stardew Valley – 9,110 search queries
• Fallout 4 – 8,782 search queries
• Resident Evil 2 – 7,181 search queries
• Lords of the Fallen – 7,126 search queries
• Persona 5 Royal – 6,887 search queries

What do you think of this ranking? Is it really helpful in answering the question of the hardest game of all time, or are there more suitable statistics for this purpose? Which title has been the biggest challenge for you personally so far? Which game has not only tested your nerves but also maybe cost you a controller or two? Feel free to share in the comments!