Tommy Fenske, a local musician from Tramstow, is gearing up to perform at the „Schlager-Hammer“ event on July 6th in Oranienburg, where he will share the stage with well-known artists like Michelle, Anna-Carina Woitschack, and Lucas Cordalis. As part of the event hosted by „Schlager-Radio,“ Tommy will be releasing a new song titled „Eine wahre Königin“ on June 14th, which will be available on various streaming platforms.

The song, written by renowned composer and lyricist Bernd Havixbeck, was produced by Jack Price, a respected figure in the music industry. The music video for the song was shot at Schloss Ducherow during the early summer, with the help of professional musician and videomaker Oliver Thomas. Tommy Fenske expressed his gratitude to the support received from the local community for the video shoot at the castle.

For Tommy, maintaining a connection to his roots is essential, as he values sharing his music with others. Despite his growing popularity, he remains grounded and focused on creating music that resonates with his audience. His previous song, „Ich will jetzt und für immer,“ has already garnered over 63,000 streams on Spotify, showcasing his dedicated fan base.

Following his performance at the „Schlager-Hammer“ event, Tommy plans to release another song in the fall, this time with lyrics penned by him. While he acknowledges the financial challenges of producing new music, Tommy relies on bookings for his party-schlager performances to fund his creative projects.

The support from his fans in the region continues to inspire Tommy, and he is grateful for their ongoing encouragement. As a token of appreciation, he is considering a special performance in December at Ducherow to support the castle’s association, possibly debuting a new Christmas song for the occasion. Tommy Fenske’s commitment to his community and passion for music drive his artistic endeavors, ensuring that his melodies continue to resonate with audiences near and far.