Stefanie Giesinger, the winner of the seventh season of Germany’s Next Top Model, recently opened up about her breakup with longtime boyfriend Marcus Butler in her podcast „G-Spot.“ She shared her struggles and fears after the end of their seven-year relationship and revealed her intentions for future relationships.

Giesinger admitted that being single was initially difficult for her, as she had spent her entire adult life sharing it with someone else. The silence and solitude were overwhelming, and she found it challenging to adjust to her new reality. Despite discussing the possibility of rekindling their romance with Butler, Giesinger acknowledged that it may not be in the cards for them.

Initially, Giesinger felt incomplete as a single person and sought validation through relationships. She criticized society’s perception of singleness as a temporary phase and emphasized the importance of self-discovery and self-love. It was through a solo trip that she learned to appreciate her own company and realize that she didn’t need someone else to feel complete.

Recently, Giesinger revealed that she has met someone new whom she admires. However, she expressed her fears of getting hurt, hurting others, or losing her independence in a new relationship. She emphasized the importance of maintaining her individuality and personal growth while pursuing a new romantic connection.

Giesinger emphasized that she is not actively searching for love but rather allowing it to come naturally. She compared dating to being hungry and settling for anything that comes your way, even if it doesn’t suit your tastes. By focusing on self-love and personal fulfillment, Giesinger hopes to enter a new relationship with a strong sense of identity and independence.