On July 11th and 13th, the marketplace will turn into a concert arena. The organizers have decided not to host a public viewing on the marketplace on Sunday – the final day of the EM and also of the Sommersound festival. This decision was based on economic reasons. The cost of installing a screen alone would have been high – „you would need to sell a lot of beer to make it worth it.“

So, there will be two festival/concert days: Nena on Thursday, July 11th, and Kerstin Ott on Saturday, July 13th. „I am really looking forward to a great atmosphere and full seats, and we will have that,“ says Römmler confidently, looking at the ticket sales and the announced program. Nearly 3000 tickets have already been sold for Nena – much more than her performance in Schopfheim in 2017. „This is very good, I am almost surprised at how well it’s going,“ says Römmler. He describes Nena as a „mix of cult and legend,“ with timeless songs that still resonate even without releasing a new album every year.

Ticket sales are even better for Kerstin Ott, with over 3000 tickets already sold for her concert. „This is definitely heading towards a ’sold out‘ event,“ says Römmler confidently.